Make Your Money Work Overtime to Protect Every Part of Your Life 

What Is it?

Its an turbo charged insurance policy that offers a cash savings, income protections from accident, chronic illness, terminal illness, events, a death benefit, AND retirement benefits! All in one 

Is it tied to the Stock Market?

Yes and no. Its not tied to any particular stock but rather the entire health of the Market exchange. However your protected from the losses of the stock market. While you get all of the benefits of increased interest when the stock market is up but suffer no losses when its down

How does the Cash Savings Work?

The cash savings comes from a portion if your premium payment and the dividends paid to you buy the insurance company. The accumulation of the funds is all placed in a high interest account, that compounds over time. 

Do I have to wait until age 65 or retirement to access my  money ?

Although IUL are designed to provide large retirement funds and out perform 401k and most other retirement products you do not have to wait until your retired to access you cash savings. In fact most people have a cash savings account grown after 1 year when their policy is designed correctly

Benefits of an IUL 

IUL investments provide cash growth potential within life insurance vehicles and give the owner a strong retirement income stream that may be able to be accessed in a tax-free manner.

Permanent Policy

Indexed universal life insurance is permanent, meaning it may last for the policyholder's entire lifetime, provided that premiums are paid on time, and the maturity date has not yet been reached.

Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate

IULs typically offer a minimum guaranteed interest rate which remains the same even if the market performs poorly in comparison to it.

Retirement Benefits

Most IUL products have a component that turns the policy into a annuity after age 65 providing you with a lifetime income payment. 

Living Benefits

Many of our policies come with free riders that protect against accidents and major illnesses allowing you to receive payment from your Death Benefit. 

Tax Free / Penalty Free

IUL's groe tax free. You may also take tax-free loans from the cash value portion of an IUL, making them tax-free. The cash value of IUL insurance plans can withdrawn as a loan that you don't have to pay back, without penalty fees at any time, regardless of the policyholder's age.

Tax Free Death Benefit 

The death benefit is exempt from income and death taxes. In most cases, it is also not subject to probate.

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Limitation on Maximum Earnings

Most insurance companies place a cap on how much interest can be earned on the cash value portion of the policy. When the market has a good year, policyholders' money will yield less than if they had invested directly in the stock market. However in the long run IUL's out perform most stocks.


Insurance isn't something you can just buy off of the shelf, its something that you have to qualify for. But with over 100 different carriers that we work with - we have the resources to find the policy you need and to customize it to your goals. 

Not Priced liked Term 

Index Universal life insurance, unavoidably, has the cost of an insurance policy. The cost of universal life insurance can be larger than Term insurance. The reason universal life insurance is more expensive than term insurance, for instance, is that universal life insurance is guaranteed to be there when you die as long as your premiums are paid. Term insurance is priced less expensively because it is structured to lapse before most owners need it. This added cost is regrettable, but knowing you will be covered may offset the added cost.

Captive Agents

IUL policies can be utilized from a vast variety of insurance carriers some have better interest and higher cash values than others. Captive Agents work for only 1 Carrier and can only show you the policies there carrier has. All of our Brokers are non captive and work with over 100 different carriers, so they can show you the best products on the market because their not tied to one carrier.